Bacardi Orange Cocktail Recipes: How To Make a Mango Tango

Bacardi Orange

If there’s one thing I enjoy doing most, it’s coming up with cocktails using interesting flavored liquors — especially those with a tropical flavor. Bacardi Orange, a staple in the rum world, isn’t just any white rum. The first time I had it, it reminded me of the tartness of blood orange mixed with fresh orange juice. 

Fondly known as Bacardi O, it’s a versatile spirit bursting with tropical flavors that are perfect for various cocktails. I’m excited to show you how this diverse spirit is a key ingredient to so many delicious recipes. 

While there are so many different types of rum, Bacardi O is made by infusing Bacardi rum with the essence of Mandarin oranges from Sicily, Valencia oranges from Florida, and Dancy tangerines from Brazil, Israel, and Florida. 

Here’s a breakdown of its key aspects:

  • Flavor: It has a pronounced orange flavor with hints of citrus and sweetness. It’s perfect for tropical drinks.
  • Alcohol content: It has a standard 35% ABV (70 proof), similar to most Bacardi rums.
  • Applications: It can be enjoyed straight, on the rocks, or in cocktails. It’s often used in tropical and citrus-based drinks, adding a unique twist and orange notes.

Bacardi Orange offers a predominantly orange flavor with complementary citrus notes, a touch of sweetness, and a hint of vanilla. It’s a super refreshing and enjoyable rum option for those who enjoy orange-flavored spirits. 

Hands down, my favorite cocktail recipe using Bacardi Orange is the Mango Tango.

The Mango Tango is a beloved summer cocktail. The blend of sweet mango and tart citrus offers a refreshing escape from the summer heat. 

But what if I I told you there’s a way to elevate this classic with an unexpected twist? 

Introducing Bacardi Orange! This orange-infused rum, with its notes of sunshine citrus and subtle vanilla, adds a whole new dimension to the Mango Tango. 

Bacardi orange recipes-key ingredients

The Key Ingredients of a Mango Tango Cocktail:

  • Mango nectar: This forms the base of the drink, providing a vibrant and sweet mango flavor.
  • Lime juice: A splash of fresh lime juice adds a necessary tartness to balance the sweetness of the mango and create a refreshing contrast.
  • Orange liqueur: A touch of orange liqueur, like Cointreau or Grand Marnier, adds a subtle citrusy depth and complexity to the flavor profile. While not always included in all variations, it can enhance the drink’s overall taste.
  • Optional garnish: A maraschino cherry adds a pop of color and a touch of sweetness to the finished drink. However, this is entirely optional and can be omitted according to personal preference.

Classics with a Citrus Twist:

Classic Citrus

  • Sunshine Daiquiri: This timeless drink gets a sunny upgrade. Combine 2 oz Bacardi Orange, 1 oz fresh lime juice, 1/2 oz simple syrup, and ice cubes in your shaker. Shake vigorously and strain into a chilled coupe glass. Garnish with a lime wedge and a slice of orange for a touch of elegance.
  • Caribbean Sunset Margarita: Elevate the iconic margarita with tropical flair. Combine 2 oz Bacardi Orange, 1 oz orange liqueur (like Cointreau), and 1/2 oz lime juice in your shaker with ice. Shake well and strain into a margarita glass rimmed with salt. Garnish with an orange slice and you’ll be on Island time in mere sips.
  • Bacardi Rum Punch Cocktail: This crowd-pleaser combines Bacardi Superior and various other rums, fruits, and juices for a perfect party drink. 

Fruity Fusions:

Fruity Fusions

  • Pineapple Paradise: Escape to the tropics with this simple cocktail. Muddle a few pineapple chunks in your shaker. Add 2 oz Bacardi Orange, 1 oz pineapple juice, and a splash of lime juice. Fill with ice, shake well, and strain into a highball glass filled with crushed ice. Garnish with a pineapple wedge and a mint sprig.
  • Bacardi Rum Punch Cocktail: Combine 2 oz Bacardi Orange, 1 oz each of pineapple juice and orange juice, a splash of grenadine for color, and a squeeze of lime juice in a shaker with ice. Shake well and strain into a glass filled with ice. Top with club soda and garnish with a maraschino cherry and an orange slice.

Next Level Classics:

  • Spicy Sunrise: This delicious cocktail packs a punch. Combine 2 oz Bacardi Orange, 1 oz grapefruit juice, 1/2 oz jalapeño-infused simple syrup, and a dash of orange bitters in a mixing glass with ice. Stir well and strain into a rocks glass filled with ice. Garnish with a jalapeño slice and a grapefruit wedge for a fiery citrus kick.
  • Smoking Rum Old Fashioned: Add a touch of intrigue to this classic. Combine 2 oz Bacardi Orange, 1/2 oz orange liqueur, 1/4 oz simple syrup, and a few dashes of Angostura bitters in a mixing glass with ice. Stir well and strain into a rocks glass filled with ice. Garnish with an orange peel smoked over a wood chip for an aromatic twist.
  • Mai Tai: Combine 1.5 oz Bacardi Orange, 0.5 oz dark rum, 0.5 oz orange liqueur (like Cointreau), 0.5 oz fresh lime juice, 0.25 oz orgeat syrup, and ice in a shaker. Shake well and strain into a chilled coupe glass. Garnish with a mint sprig and lime wedge.

Mixology Tips & Tricks:

  • Fresh ingredients are essential to great cocktails.
  • Adjust sweetness with simple syrup to your liking.
  • Get creative with garnishes! Orange slices, mint sprigs, or even a cocktail umbrella can add whimsy.
  • Experiment with different rums! Bacardi offers a diverse range, from light rum to dark rum and spiced rum.
  • ​Want feedback? Share your cocktail creation on social media with #BacardiOrange to show everyone your new drink.

As a seasoned mixologist with years of experience crafting innovative cocktails, I can confidently say that Bacardi Orange offers a unique platform for creativity. Its vibrant orange notes and subtle vanilla flavors allow for endless exploration, from classic twists to tropical fusions.

P.S. Check out your local grocery store for the latest Bacardi rum options, from gold to coconut. Happy mixing!

Bacardi Orange

Mango Tango with Bacardi Orange

This Mango Tango variation is sure to become your new summer favorite, but the fun doesn't stop there. Here are some more of my favorite ways to mix up Bacardi Orange.


  • 2 oz Bacardi Orange
  • 1 oz Mango nectar
  • 1/2 oz Fresh lime juice
  • 1/4 oz  Orange liqueur (optional)
  • Splash of grenadine (optional)
  • Club soda, to top
  • Lime wedge and maraschino cherry for garnish


Combine Bacardi Orange, mango nectar, lime juice, and orange liqueur (if using) in a shaker filled with ice.

    Shake well for about 15 seconds.

      Strain into a tall glass filled with ice.

        Top with club soda and gently stir to combine.

          Garnish with a lime wedge and maraschino cherry (optional).


            • Adjust the amount of orange liqueur to your desired level of orange flavor.
            • For a more intense mango flavor, use fresh mango puree instead of mango nectar.
            • If you don't have grenadine, you can skip it or substitute it with a splash of simple syrup for a touch of sweetness.
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