8 Neighbors Premium Vodka Review, 750 ml or 1.75 L

8 neighbors vodka review

Raise a glass, folks, because today I’m reviewing 8 Neighbors Premium Vodka!

This spirit is quickly becoming my go-to choice for special occasions and, frankly, any time I fancy a top-notch vodka.

Whether you’re hosting a celebration for a special occasion or just unwinding on a quiet evening, this vodka is a great option.

When it comes to finding a premium vodka that truly stands out, 8 Neighbors is my first choice. This vodka is not just a beverage; it’s a celebration of craftsmanship and sophistication. 

The Rich Heritage of 8 Neighbors Vodka

Crafted by a passionate team of enthusiasts, including the renowned Ray Abraham, 8 Neighbors Vodka embodies a tradition of distilling excellence. Each bottle reflects years of experience in spirit making, with a recipe that honors both purity and flavor. This commitment to quality ensures each delivered product maintains the high standards expected by vodka connoisseurs.

First Impressions: Product Packaging and Unboxing

From the moment I received the box, the presentation of 8 Neighbors Premium Vodka impressed me. The product packaging is sleek and sophisticated, reflecting the years of experience behind this label.

It’s not just good vodka; it’s great vodka, and that’s apparent before you even pour the first glass. If you’re looking for a gift for a good friend, this vodka hits all the right notes.

8 neighbors vodka review-taste test

Tasting Notes: Blind Taste Test

8 Neighbors Premium Vodka stands out in a blind taste test. Compared to other prestigious liquor labels like Grey Goose, it holds its own with a distinct character.

This vodka is what I like to call liquid gold—smooth enough for sipping neat, yet versatile enough for a craft cocktail. Its clean finish and a slight hint of sweetness make it a favorite neighbor in my liquor cabinet.

The Versatility of 8 Neighbors Vodka

This vodka’s profile makes it a special occasion favorite, but its adaptability means it fits just as comfortably into a casual girls’ night in. Whether mixed in a cocktail or enjoyed straight on the rocks, the experience is consistently excellent.

I’ve paired it with everything from simple citrus to robust flavors of a Bloody Mary, and it’s performed beautfilly every time.

The Craftsmanship of 8 Neighbors Vodka

Behind every bottle of 8 Neighbors Vodka is a team of enthusiasts, led by the notable Ray Abraham, who ensure that each batch meets the highest standards of quality. This commitment to excellence is what sets this brand apart as a first choice for both new and seasoned vodka enthusiasts looking for a  beverage that consistently delivers a luxurious experience.

Ordering and Delivery

Ordering and Delivery: My Seamless Experience with Instacart

I used the Instacart app (easily downloadable from the app store) to order my bottle of 8 Neighbors, and the process was seamless. As a busy gal, I love the fact that I can make same-day orders, many of which turn into one-hour deliveries! 

I opted for contactless delivery and I love the fact that I essentially have a personal shopper helping me out. When the store doesn’t have something I need, I love how the shopper uses their best judgement to find me the best match.

I also appreciate the accurate information about my order’s progress every step of the way. 

The delivery fee was reasonable, and I even snagged free delivery on my first order as part of an offer promotion from my store of choice. For those curious about service fees, Instacart’s breakdown of delivery cost was transparent and fair. Please note that there is sometimes a separate service fee. 

Service and Support

Shopping through the Instacart app not only provided a smooth transaction but also excellent service. The option to pick specific replacements and see a preferred pickup location added to the convenience. Plus, the Instacart customer experience team was helpful when I had questions about my delivery, demonstrating their excellent service throughout.

The store of your choice likely carries it, so checking their store info can lead you directly to this great product.

Final Thoughts

Overall, 8 Neighbors Premium Vodka is a superb choice for anyone looking to enjoy a premium vodka with a rich, smooth taste and no harsh aftertaste. It’s clear that the team behind this vodka are true enthusiasts of their craft, bringing a plethora of fine liquors to the table with every bottle crafted.

So, whether you’re ordering via Instacart for a speedy one-hour delivery or picking it up at your local liquor store, 8 Neighbors is a brand that promises and delivers quality in every drop. Here’s to the good stuff, enjoyed responsibly! Cheers!

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