The Best Champagne Cocktail Recipes for Summer

summer champagne cocktails

One thing about me is that I LOVE popping bubbles. Whether it’s champagne, prosecco, or cava, I get giddy over cracking open a new bottle.

Although I’m down for a glass of bubbly no matter the season, summer is the perfect time to enjoy light, refreshing drinks. And there’s no better way to do that than with summer champagne cocktails. 

Champagne, Prosecco, and Cava are the stars of the show, each bringing unique flavors and histories to the glass. Whether I’m hosting a holiday party, a backyard barbecue, or just enjoying a sunny afternoon, these effervescent cocktails bring me a lot of joy. 

Let’s dive into the world of bubbly and explore the best ways to enjoy these sparkling wines.

The Bubbles: Champagne, Prosecco, and Cava


  • Origin: Champagne comes from the Champagne region of France and is renowned worldwide for its quality and tradition.
  • Flavor Profile: Brut Champagne is typically dry with notes of apple, pear, citrus, and sometimes a hint of almond or toast.
  • Best With: Champagne pairs beautifully with fresh fruit, cheese, seafood, and light appetizers.


  • Origin: Prosecco hails from the Veneto region of Italy. It’s made from the Glera grape and is known for its light, fruity flavor.
  • Flavor Profile: Prosecco is often sweeter than Champagne, with notes of green apple, pear, white peach, and flowers.
  • Best With: Enjoy Prosecco with ripe fruits, light pastries, or even on its own as an aperitif.


  • Origin: Cava is Spain’s answer to sparkling wine, produced mainly in Catalonia.
  • Flavor Profile: Cava can range from very dry to sweet, with flavors of citrus, green apple, and occasionally a hint of brioche.
  • Best With: Cava pairs well with tapas, paella, and other light Mediterranean dishes.

summer champagne cocktails-crafting

Crafting the Perfect Summer Champagne Cocktails

Classic Mimosa Recipe

  • Ingredients: Equal parts brut Champagne and fresh orange juice.
  • Instructions: In a champagne flute, pour the orange juice first, then top with Champagne. Garnish with an orange twist if desired.
  • Perfect For: Mother’s Day brunch, bridal showers, and bachelorette parties.

Kir Royale

  • Ingredients: 1/2 oz crème de cassis, brut Champagne.
  • Instructions: Pour the crème de cassis into a champagne glass and top with Champagne. Garnish with a lemon twist.
  • Perfect For: A romantic evening or Valentine’s Day.

Aperol Spritz

  • Ingredients: Equal parts Aperol, Prosecco, and a splash of soda water.
  • Instructions: In a wine glass with ice, combine Aperol and Prosecco, then top with soda water. Garnish with a slice of orange.
  • Perfect For: Summer fling parties and casual gatherings.

Champagne Punch

  • Ingredients: 1 bottle brut Champagne, 1/2 cup Grand Marnier, 1 cup cranberry juice, 1 cup soda water, fresh mint, and fresh cranberries.
  • Instructions: In a punch bowl, combine all ingredients. Serve in glasses with ice and garnish with mint leaves and cranberries.
  • Perfect For: Holiday parties and large gatherings.

Apple Cider Mimosa

  • Ingredients: Equal parts apple cider and brut Champagne.
  • Instructions: In a champagne flute, pour the apple cider first, then top with Champagne. Garnish with an apple slice.
  • Perfect For: Fall gatherings and Thanksgiving brunch.

Strawberry Mimosa

  • Ingredients: 1/2 cup fresh strawberry puree, brut Champagne.
  • Instructions: In a champagne glass, add the strawberry puree and top with Champagne. Garnish with a fresh strawberry.
  • Perfect For: Summer picnics and garden parties.

black velvet

Black Velvet

  • Ingredients:½2 glass stout beer (such as Guinness),½ glass brut Champagne
  • Instructions: In a champagne flute or tall glass, pour the stout beer halfway. Slowly pour the Champagne over the back of a spoon to create a layered effect. Serve immediately and enjoy the contrasting flavors.
  • Perfect For: A sophisticated evening, holiday parties, or when you want a unique twist on your bubbly.

Pomegranate Mimosa

  • Ingredients: ½ cup pomegranate juice, ½ cup brut Champagne, pomegranate seeds for garnish
  • Instructions: Pour the pomegranate juice into a champagne flute. Slowly top with Champagne. Garnish with a few pomegranate seeds.
  • Perfect For: Winter gatherings, New Year’s Eve celebrations, and any festive occasion.

Tips and Tricks for the Best Champagne Cocktails

  • Use Quality Ingredients: The best champagne cocktails start with high-quality sparkling wine. Whether you choose Champagne, Prosecco, or Cava, make sure it’s something you enjoy drinking on its own.
  • Serve Cold: Sparkling wine is best served chilled. Keep your bottles in the fridge until you’re ready to make your cocktails.
  • Garnish: Fresh mint, edible flowers, and fruit garnishes not only add flavor but also make your cocktails look stunning.
  • Sweeten to Taste: Use simple syrup or a sugar cube if you prefer a sweeter cocktail. Adjust the amount based on your preference.

flavor pairing

Flavor Pairings and Occasions

Flavor Profiles

Champagne: Pairs well with light, citrusy flavors and fresh herbs like mint and basil. Think lemon twist, fresh lemon juice, and even a dash of orange liqueur.

Prosecco: Complements sweet and fruity flavors. Perfect with peach puree in a Bellini or cranberry juice in a holiday cocktail.

Cava: Works wonderfully with savory flavors and ripe fruits. Try it with a splash of soda water and fresh fruit for a refreshing summer cocktail.

Special Occasions

  • Bridal Showers and Bachelorette Parties: Opt for light and fruity cocktails like the classic mimosa or a strawberry mimosa.
  • Holiday Parties: Champagne punch and apple cider mimosas are crowd pleasers.
  • Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day: Kir Royale and Aperol Spritz add a touch of elegance to your celebrations.
  • Casual Summer Gatherings: Serve a variety of easy champagne cocktails like the Aperol Spritz and Bellinis.

Summer champagne cocktails are a really nice way to enjoy the sunny season. Whether you prefer the elegance of Champagne, the fruity notes of Prosecco, or the versatility of Cava, there’s a bubbly cocktail for every occasion. 

With simple ingredients and a little creativity, you can craft amazing cocktails that are sure to impress your guests. Cheers to summer and the joy of bubbly drinks!

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